International Job Hunting and how to prepare for it

In today’s world, you need to be capable enough to be working in any part of the world transcending cultural, religious, communication barriers if you expect to have the best job with the best package. Ideally you would want to first go for International Internships as these are easier than getting a job and they provide an insight and a perspective for your future international job.

But if you already gone through that or you feel you are ready to dive into an international job then here are some things that you should be keeping in mind while applying.



Create your own ideal job description:

Before you even start applying for those innumerable amount of job positions, note down what are your interests, skills, education, and your past experiences and the kind of job that qualifies these things. When you develop a deeper understanding of these things, then you would be in a position to curate jobs that meet your skill sets and requirements.


Research the country and city thoroughly:

It is advised that you understand the political, cultural, economic structure and stability of the country and the effect on your work life balance. You absolutely must understand the region’s cultural nuances, employment laws and language requirements.

For example you shouldn’t move to China if you are not willing to work 80-90 hours a week. In the middle east, you will have weekends on Friday and Saturday. Carefully researching the visas and work permits for each foreign country is also essential, and you should do it early, before you apply for any position.

Networking is crucial:

The international market is a highly personal job market where ‘who you know’ is often more important to landing a job than ‘what you know’. The best way to land an international job is through the hidden job market of networking and recruiters which tend to maximize the highly personalized nature of this job market. You should be talking to your friends and family who have first hand experience in a region. For the most accurate picture of your potential fit, talk to expatriates working at jobs similar to what you want. Leverage social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, google+) to make connections.  Also don’t underestimate the power of your college Alumni network.


Standing out:

One you have decided on the country and what employers to pursue, write a application that will set itself apart. Look for the demand of skills you possess in the particular market and prepare an application that makes you look preferable to your potential recruiter. There is a remarkable consistency in the basic set of skills recruiters seek. Hiring managers want strong communicators having analytical ability, who can manage people and show leadership potential.

Be honest about about your skills. Also, different countries have different application process. Be sure to research them carefully

Fully prepare for your interview:

Even after you secure an interview, be sure to have complete knowledge of the kind of interview which would be taken. For example in Japan, your first interview could be with your potential colleagues. So they can discover more about you and your family before getting down to business. In Britain, you may be asked to participate in role playing, solving case studies and psychometric testing. In any country, the initial interview may be conducted over the phone. Dress professionally even if the interviewer is not going to see you. During the interview, stand up when you speak, so your voice is strong, and smile. Demonstrate your abilities to adapt to new environments.


Finally, don’t stress it out. Make a habit of being in touch with your connections. You need to put yourself in front of the right people in order to be on the radar for exactly what you want to achieve. With today’s technological tools, you can introduce yourself to a manager in your industry on the other side of the world. The difficult part is developing a sharp focus on your goal, understanding how you are qualified to achieve them, exercising the confidence to take action, and effectively nurturing connections with other human beings.

The combination of all these things offers you to work where and with whom you want to work!

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