This explains in detail what will you learn in Mini MBA, week by week.  For more details like fees, contact details, and benefits, download the program brochure here.


This explains in detail what will you learn in Mini MBA, week by week.  For more details like fees, contact details, and benefits, download the program brochure here.

Mini MBA by Value Kreation


1) Romanticizing Entrepreneurship

2) Idea to IPO (lifecycle of business)

3) Business Idea Generation, Validation, Protection

4) Business Plan, Business Model & BMC-LMC

5) Balance sheet and P&L

ROMANTICIZING ENTREPRENEURSHIP, a walkthrough of how your career as an entrepreneur will look like. You will take inspiration from the world’s most sought-after entrepreneurs and entrepreneur who live among your neighbors. This topic will also cover real-life example and CASE STUDIES of successful companies. How were these companies created and what exactly they did to become leaders. This will be followed by IDEA TO IPO. Next is BUSINESS IDEA GENERATION – Top 13 ways to generate great business ideas! 10 ways to differentiate “business idea” from a normal idea. IDEA VALIDATION – 15 best ways to validate your idea – in simple words, 15 ways to check if your idea will work or not! IDEA PROTECTION – How to protect your idea from your competition, spamming, etc. This will also cover the legal work of idea protection. BUSINESS PLAN – a roadmap for your business that outlines goals and details how you plan to achieve those goals, and BUSINESS MODEL – what products or services the business plans to manufacture and market, and how it plans to do so, including what expenses it will incur. The week will culminate with an awesome learning, case study, and activity, where we all will make and renovate our Business Plans with BUSINESS MODEL CANVAS and LEAN MODEL CANVAS.

Mini MBA by Value Kreation


1) Bootstrapping

2) Funding your business

3) Valuation of a Startup, Bookkeeping

4) 23 Revenue Models

5) Kickass Team Building & Hiring Interviews-Salary-Culture

Rupees. Dollars. Pounds. Euros. SALES – the most important department in any organization. Sales is the department that generates revenue. No matter how good your manufacturing operation is, how cutting-edge your technology is, how tight your financial goals are or how progressive and forward-thinking your management techniques are, you must still have a sales mechanism in place, or everything else is useless. Needless to say that this is the most important week for entrepreneurs, You will learn the best practices of successful sales, 14 TOP CLOSING TECHNIQUES, how to make a sales dashboard and so much more. This week we will also cover, How to hire the best salespeople and how to manage & retain them effectively. Next, you will learn 26 BEST PRACTICES OF MARKETING, this will cover both offline marketing like customer engagements, community outreach, affiliate marketing, discounts etc. and online marketing like facebook marketing, Instagram marketing, blogs, content marketing, etc. You will learn M-B-A which is marketing, branding, and advertising. What are 22 IMMUTABLE LAWS OF BRANDING, and how to make a Branding kit. The second week will end with GET YOUR 100 INITIAL PAYING CUSTOMERS – which is exactly what it says.

Mini MBA by Value Kreation


1) Sales, Sales vs. BD

2) Closing Role Play and Sales Management

3) Branding

4) 26 Types of Marketing to Digital Marketing

5) Getting 100 Initial Customers & Doubling profits

Business owners seek out cash to help with its growth or to keep it going through a rough patch. So, planning how to FUND A BUSINESS is very important. From the plethora of Funding options available today you will learn which of the funding options are most effective for you and your business. Next is BOOTSTRAPPING – business grows, it generates revenue which enables further growth. What are the best practices of bootstrapping and how to incorporate them into your everyday operation can change the game for business. Your ability to read a balance sheet is directly proportional to your ability to run a successful business. BALANCE SHEET & P&L may seem intimidating, but don’t worry. You will learn how to improve your profits, two golden rules to good financial management, creating a financially intelligent organization, etc. Next is VALUATION OF STARTUP – How would you measure the value of a company? Since entrepreneurs need to put a value on their startups in order to raise money and distribute equity among core team and investors. A very crucial topic since it will help you solve major funding, investment, and even HR related issues. Valuation of a startup will be followed by Bookkeeping – it involves the recording of financial transactions and other information related to the business on a day-to-day basis. A simple yet important subject as it directly affects your profit statements. Last is 23 REVENUE MODELS, a revenue model is a plan or an outline of how your business will make money – you will learn what are the top 23 revenue models ever and out of these 23 which suits your business and your market segment the best.

Mini MBA by Value Kreation


1) Photoshop

2) Adobe Illustrator

3) Website, webshop & E-commerce

4) Quickbooks & Tally

5) Adobe Premiere Pro

Last week you will learn the top skills which contribute to the success of any organization, entrepreneur, employee or startup. These are – PHOTOSHOP will help you create content on the go. Be it editing images for your social marketing or create amazing graphics for your website. Photoshop will help you take your content to next level and stand out and ahead from the competition. Want to create an amazing logo for your company or design a huge flex for your promotion and branding, Illustrator is the answer. With ILLUSTRATOR you will learn how to create beautiful graphics fast & easy. WEBSITE is the hero of this century. How – tell us one good business you know who doesn’t have a website? A good website can boost a business whereas a bad one can drastically affect it too. And why pay someone else to do it when making a good interactive website is so damn easy. You will learn how to make a website from scratch, how to use awesome photos without spending on a shoot, create an online payment gateway & customer chat box. With WEBSHOP you will learn how to create an online shop for your products. Learn e-commerce, f-commerce, and i-commerce. Remember we mentioned bookkeeping in week 3 – TALLY or QUICKBOOKS help you maintain your everyday financial transactions super easily. You can see how your money is traveling, what product makes you the most profit, where you can use cost cutting, where you can increase your profit margins – every day, week, month and year. Keep your finances up to date and in check.