How to think of

business ideas

Free workshop  |  18 December 2018  |  5:30 to 8:00 PM

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I have an idea, but is it a business idea?

I want to become an entrepreneur, but don’t have my “MILLION DOLLAR IDEA.”

I don’t know whether my idea is “the one”. How can I know?

These questions have arisen in everyone’s mind, right from founders of Trillion Dollar companies to a day-old entrepreneur.

Don’t you worry, Mini MBA brings you “How to think of Business Ideas”, a session where you can clarify all your doubts and learn new things about “idea”.

‘How to Think of Business Ideas?’ will help you to:

  • Generate business ideas that are insightful and actionable
  • Understand the difference between Idea & Business Idea

  • 13 practical ways of Business Idea Generation

  • Get a step closer towards your dream career of entrepreneurship.