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Colleges are a fun place to be, but what we really learn there is something really questionable. Many students out there might be able to relate to these questions: Will this subject really help me in my job? Do I really need to learn coding to get placed? Will I be able to run a startup successfully? and so on.


Basic understanding of real-world situations is what we’re really missing out on: knowledge and understanding of jobs and placements, running a business or a company, getting the right exposure outside the classroom, etc. The opportunities that will make our careers like one would just dream about. However, the question arises: how can a student get all the exposure just by attending the lectures in the colleges? How will a student know the opportunities that the future holds, apart from just a handful of perspectives of the people around him?


Here’s one solution: Mini MBA in Entrepreneurship, a course which will clear the clutter surrounding us. Mini MBA is a one-month, certificate course on entrepreneurship and business, that will help you realize the numerous opportunities a student has. You’ll acquire skills that will not only help you stand out in the interview but will enable you to start and run an enterprise on your own!


They say ‘The best investment is investing in yourself.’ We’ve never heard anything truer! Regularly learning new skills refines and improves your personality. Mini MBA helps you do just that! The course covers new, professional skills that will give your knowledge and intellect a boost.


In the first week of Mini MBA, you will learn how to generate an idea, protect it, and validate whether it can be scaled up to build a startup. But building a startup is not just about the idea. An entrepreneur is one who has mastered skills such as sales, marketing, branding, finance, funding, and the list continues. A good Human Resource Manager will definitely look for someone who has an understanding of these aspects of a business, along with a strong personality. And for a student who wishes to live life on his own terms, Mini MBA will teach you all aspects of building a startup and how big shots operate. Skills such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, Tally and WordPress which enable you to freelance and earn and be independent at an early stage in your life.


After completion of Mini MBA, participants are also given internship opportunities with 15+ startups where they can put the knowledge acquired in Mini MBA to use and gain some valuable insights and experiences for their enterprises to prosper.


The course structure of Mini MBA has been designed by entrepreneurs who have learned from 5+ years of experiences and want to spread their knowledge gained.

With this abundant knowledge, you’ll know how any organization, be it a big Fortune 500 or a local startup works and incorporate those principles in your own startup to increase the bottom line of your balance sheet!


“ The secret of getting ahead is getting started ”

Enroll for Mini MBA now and watch your career prosper!


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